Our Environment Is Everything and Our Dedication Shows It

safer environment

Placing safer producing into the hands of everyone is our mission, and we mean it. Why? Because eventually we hope to create a healthier and safer environment not only through the products we sell, but also with the business decisions we make.

How do we do it? By becoming a Certified Benefit Corporations (a.k.a. B Corp), by using ingredients that don’t harm the environment, and by using recyclable packaging for all of our products.

We’re part of a pioneering business model

You read that right, we’re pioneers! Ok, well not pioneers exactly, but we are part of a pioneering business model. As of 2014, Beautycounter became a B Corporation (B Corp), meaning that we’re committed to positive change. In order to become a B Corp, we have to incorporate people, planet and profits into all of our business decisions. It’s a new direction that pushes businesses to focus on the environmental impact in daily operations.

In addition to being a B Corp, we’re also a member of the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), advocating for policy change at the federal and state level that advocates for a more sustainable economy.

We use ingredients that are safe for us and our world

natural ingredientsI’m sure you can probably guess that toxins and chemicals that can have a negative effect on our bodies, have a negative effect on our environment. If we’re using products with chemicals that can seep into our skin and harm our insides, then those same chemicals get washed down our drains and into our waterways, harming our environment.

A perfect example is our Nourishing Cream Exfoliator, a face cleanser that removes dry skin with biodegradable, non-toxic jojoba beads instead of plastic microbeads. Many big named brands use plastic microbeads in body washes, toothpaste and other products. As a result, they have polluted our lakes, rivers and oceans.

By switching to products made from safe ingredients for our bodies, we are helping support a cleaner and safer environment, one step at a time.

Our packages are recyclable

Recyclable packages? Yes, we have them! All of them. We use paper compacts for our blushes, eye shadows and bronzers. If you remove the mirror and the tray, you can recycle the packaging. Many common brands have compacts made with styrene, which can affect different parts of the central nervous system and add waste to landfills.

Our environment and our bodies are one and the same, if we’re contaminating one, then we’re contaminating the other. We live in one world, so taking steps to create a safer environment will continue to be our mission no many how many hurdles we have to jump over. It’s not easy, but we can do it!