Learn How to Prevent Wrinkles from Forming

prevent wrinkles

We try to prevent wrinkles all the time, especially as¬†we get older (and wiser ūüėČ ). We find ourselves testing out a variety of skin care products that¬†help tighten and smooth out our lines, until we find the one that really works. But did you know that one¬†of the simplest ways you can prevent the signs of aging is not only in your skin care products, but also in your morning and night skin care routine? The way in which you¬†massage your face as you cleanse, dry and moisturize can help prevent wrinkles from forming.

Here are the steps to take to keep your skin looking youthful, day and night.

Washing Your Face

When you wash your face, splash warm water on your skin, then squeeze out your face cleanser on your fingertips and apply it to your face in circular, upward motions.

If you are¬†removing eye makeup with your cleanser, make sure to use your fingers and gently rub in soft, circular strokes. Always rinse with¬†cold water to close up your pores, and pat dry‚ÄĒnever rub.

Applying Lotion or Cream

When applying a day or night lotion or cream, squeeze out the product on your hands first, then pat gently on your face in an upward motion. Make sure to move the lotion or cream from your neck up towards your jawline.

If you use face oils, start with adding a few drops on the palm of your hand, rub together gently, and pat the oil on your cheeks, forehead and under your nose. Use your fourth finger under your eyes, then apply pressure to eye sockets and temples.

Applying Eye Cream

Don’t forget your eyes!¬†Apply a small amount of eye cream on the back of your hand to control the amount, then tap with your ring finger, and pat your eye area starting on the outer corner of your eye, moving in toward your cheek bone close to¬†the top of your¬†nose. Stop where the crows feet are located; be careful not to add it too closely to your lash line because you don’t want to accidentally get the cream¬†into your eye.

Have less than two minutes to spare? Make sure to check out this quick tutorial below! Courtesy of Beautycounter.