Your Time to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Is Now

network marketing

Today is the day to be an entrepreneur, to work from home, and tap into the network marketing craze. Think back, even 10 years, and you’ll see how much the market for independent business owners has progressed. I bet 10 years ago you only knew one person who worked from home, if any at all. And today, I bet you know tons.

So why is the market so ripe for budding entrepreneurs? In short, the economy is still perceived to be unstable, technology has changed the way we communicate, and there are the growing number of women opting for the home-based business, rather than her traditional desk job in the corporate world.

Economical changes

Even though it’s been 10 years since the economical bust in 2008, many people are still uneasy about their financial security, which is great for you! Why? Because more and more people are looking for “non-traditional” methods to make money—a “Plan-B”—which includes network marketing. How do you come in? Through education and outreach, you can coach and grow your own team of individuals looking for a different type of career where they can grow as well.

This business opportunity continues to grow all over the world for two reasons. One, more people are trusting those within the network. And two, the success it can offer.

Technological advancements

The rapid emergence of new technology and social platforms has opened the doors for network marketing. This has made finding leads and building a team even easier—anywhere and everywhere! Facebook is a great example of a social platform that allows people to reach more customers (1.65 billion active monthly users and growing) than ever before. This growing connection of people has attracted all sorts of individuals toward the network marketing profession, a profession that has grown 91% in the last 10 years with annual sales over $30 billion just in the U.S. alone. This number will only continue to rise, so why wouldn’t you be a part of this type of business and stay ahead of the game?

Home-based business women

Women business owners make up 72% of the businesses that are operated from home. These women are seeing the potential in building up their own home-based businesses via network marketing, and love doing so! Myself included :).

All of us the network marketing business are switching to this profession not only because of the income potential, but also because of the difference we make in the lives of other women and their families. We introduce better products, educate them about the “why” and “how”, and help them create a career that has no limits. With a little more time and knowledge, others just like us will see this profession as the solution they’ve been looking for all this time.

If you have questions on how you can be a part of this growing community, or just want some more information, feel free to email me. All questions are welcome!