Beautycounter and Target Join Forces on Limited-Edition Collection

Limited-Edition Collection

I love seeing Beautycounter grow and expand beyond consultants and the e-commerce platform, and into major retail stores like Target. Yes, you read that right, Target. This debut is huge, and the largest one for Beautycounter yet. Not only that, but the limited-edition collection partnership with a beauty company is the first for Target as well.

Beginning September 12th through November 5th, 1,500 Target stores across the U.S. will be offering a Limited-Edition Collection by Beautycounter. The collection will include 17 products, 11 of which will be best sellers, 5 kits, the Cleansing Balm and the Nourishing Face Oil. These two products are being highlighted in the limited-edition collection because of the success and popularity of both items.

All products will be smaller than the original sizes sold by myself and consultants alike for two reasons. One, so that Beautycounter consultants can see the products being sold at Target as an addition to the business rather than a competition. And two, so that prices would seem affordable for Target shoppers. The limited-edition collection will not represent Beautycounter as a whole, but it will provide samples that will in turn raise awareness of the brand.

So why Target? The company has had a lot of success building up beauty products that are upscale and better for you. “Skin care continues to be a focus area for Target,” says Dawn Block, senior VP of Beauty and Essentials at Target, which goes hand-in-hand with what Beautycounter is all about. Block mentions that Target shoppers are looking for clean and safe beauty products that are new, and “limited-time offers drive excitement and bring people in”. Target shoppers are looking for something new to add to their routines, and collaborating with Beautycounter is doing just that. A win-win for both sides! All of us are going to be keeping an eye out to see how the products are going to perform at Target. “For us, it is about introducing people to the brand…people want better choices. We can educate people through Target, and some of these people will becomes customers of Beautycounter,” says Renfrew.

This collaboration is  just the start, and I cannot wait to see what else the world has in store for Beautycounter in the future.

(This article first appeared on Women’s Wear Daily.)