Beautycounter’s #100Lashes Campaign: Beauty and Torture

100lashes campaign beautycounter

When you think of mascara, you probably don’t think of torture, right? But Beautycounter’s #100Lashes campaign has two purposes: to raise awareness of women around the world who are being beaten and about their Lengthening Mascara.

Lindsay Dahl, Beautycounter’s VP of community affairs and engagement, says that “the beauty industry is one of the least regulated industries in the marketplace.” In the EU, 1,300 ingredients found in beauty products have been restricted or banned, in the U.S. only 11 ingredients have been banned. As such, women in the U.S. are using products that other nations claimed them to either be harmful to the body, or have not been deemed safe to use because they haven’t been studied enough.

Beautycounter sees this shortfall of monitoring skin care ingredients as an issue for women’s health. Thus, the campaign is portraying that harm towards women comes in a variety of forms—some more serious than others.

With this campaign, Beautycounter created a commercial video that showed it’s Lengthening Mascara and 100 women that applied the mascara to their lashes. The video was made not only “about creating a high-performing mascara…[but also to] empower women to choose a product that is significantly safer for their health. There was an intentional double entendre meant to say that, as women, we don’t want to be harmed—either through makeup or any other way,” says Gregg Renfrew, the CEO and founder of Beautycounter.

#100Lashes Beautycounter Campaign Video

The mascara took four years to produce because Beautycounter wanted to make a mascara that was effective yet safe and free of toxic chemicals. It was a difficult product to make because it “uses the most chemicals to achieve results,” says Renfrew. Many mascaras have parabens and thickening agents that are harmful, however Beautycounter’s Lengthening Mascara is made from shea butter, cocoa butter, pomegranate oil, among other ingredients.

Capitol Hill

Beautycounter is also involved in other campaigns that draw attention to harmful chemicals found in beauty products. For instance, there are times when the company’s women are sent to Washington, D.C. to meet, speak out and encourage people and lawmakers to help make change happen. And a change did happen!

As of June 2016 there was a recent change in chemical regulations. This new law will authorize the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to evaluate the safety of chemicals in the market, and will give them control over chemical manufacturers, forcing them “to test their products for possible risks to human health and the environment“.

Beautycounter continues on their mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone through their consultants. It’s these independent and intelligent women who are going out there and raising awareness in a fun, friendly and educational environment.