A Must See Award-Winning Video: “A Wake-Up Story”

wake-up story

“A Wake-Up Story” is an award-winning video that takes us on a journey through our children’s health, pointing out the reality of chemicals and toxic products that our children are surrounded by on a daily basis. From our homes, our schools and neighborhood, to the foods our children eat and the toys they play with, we are constantly looking out for the dangers that may harm our little ones.

Before the industrial revolution, our children played outside on untouched grass, ate produce directly from our own farms and gardens, slept on real cotton and wool, and played with toys made by hands. But since then, phthalates, parabens, pesticides, all those other “-cides” have been injected into many products, leaving us to wonder “what is safe”?


Let’s join hands and help spread the mission of switching to safer. Take a moment and watch the full, short video below. Let it inspire you, as much as it inspired me. Watch it. Share it. Join the movement.