There’s More to Antibacterial Soap than You May Think

antibacterial soap

Soap, we all use it, every day and all day, but did you know that some soaps can actually do more harm than good?

Many of us tend to use antibacterial soap at home—it’s become a staple among so many U.S. households across the nation—but little do we know, it is actually not that good for you or your family. Why? The bacteria that the antibacterial soap washes off can become more resilient to antibacterial soap and to antibiotics. Not only that, but antibacterial soaps can weaken a child’s immune system. A child has to build its immune system against bacteria, but if that bacteria is killed before kids can fight against it, then they might not become fully immune.

Sadly, so many of us are guilty to using antibacterial soap that we’ve turned our heads the other direction (at least for those of us that may know the dangers), while other’s are just not aware.

Want to hear something interesting? Antibacterial soap is so dangerous, Governor Mark Dayton has signed a measure banning it from being sold all over the State of Minnesota. Crazy! Makes you think twice, right?

Next time you head out to the store for some antibacterial soap, keep in mind some problems it can cause for you and others in your family.

• It won’t protect you against viruses. It will kill both the good and the bad germs, leaving your body with less to defend itself.

• The ingredient inside antibacterial soaps called Triclosan is harmful to the environment because water treatment plants cannot filter it out. As a result, it seeps into the lakes and ruins the growth of algae.

• Triclosan can weaken the ability for your body to release testosterone and estrogen. This can cause future complications.

rose neroli hand soap


If you’re looking for a replacement, which I strongly recommend, try the Rose Neroli Hand Soap. It’s a great alternative, and it gently cleans your hands without drying them out. This soap leaves your hands feeling hydrated with a slight floral scent—perfect for all skin types!